Flames dash application

Hi, community,
I’ve developed this Flames-app calculator. This is a simple dash application based on the F.L.A.M.E.S theory.
Where F: Friends, L: Lovers, A: Affection, M: Marriage, E: Enemies, S: Siblings.

Live application link:

GitHub repo link:

More about the Flames game: https://www.wikihow.com/Play-%22Flame%22

Let me know and share what attribute you get according to theory haha :wink:



BTW: try with Somesh and Plotly :wink:

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:wink: we are in love :heart:

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Hi @someshfengde

I am sorry to say that the application is very slow.
After waiting a long time I did not receive the answer.
But it’s super fun and more for using plotly. Thanks for sharing.

Huh, It was fast when I tried it.
And super cute app :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The app took a few seconds to load but then it was fast. I got:

adam and plotly are :cupid: Love :cupid:

That’s how you know you’re doing the right job :slight_smile:

Thank you for creating and sharing this app, @someshfengde

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So sorry for my comment, my mistake the app work excellent.

I thought it didn’t give me the results, because the animated image of the little hearts looks like a preload gif.

I like your app and work very well.

It might be slow sometimes because I am using render free tier :frowning:

oh, it’s not a preload gif I just added it for fun :wink:

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Thank you :slight_smile: @AnnMarieW

Haha yes :slight_smile:

Glad you liked it