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Fit line not displaying on shared link

I’m having two issues with the way a graph is displaying via a shared link.

In my workspace, I am displaying a best-fit line with a displayed R squared value. However, when I share the graph via the sharing link, the best fit line doesn’t display.

On top of this, when visiting the shared link, clicking the “Data” tab does nothing.

  1. How can I get the best fit line to display on the shared link?
  2. How can I also get the Data tab to show the table?

Hello! A bug report has been issued for this. We’ll notify you when it’s fixed!

Thank you for you feedback. and your patience!

it seems to be working now. I did not receive a notification but I’m happy that it’s working

Hello, I’m so sorry for notifying you; it seems like it fixed itself before we got to it!

I’m happy that it works finally. :slight_smile: