Feature request: Hover link color in Sankey graphs


I agree this should be a Plotly setting when creating a Sankey diagram.

However, using custom CSS in your styles.css does the work, such as :

.sankey-link:hover {
  fill: gold !important;
  fill-opacity: 1 !important;

That way, you can set fill color, fill opacity, and basically any style attribute to track your links trough all the flows.

Current limitations :

  • link styling on hover only happens when hovering on a link, but not hovering a node (that should style all links outbound of the node)
  • you cannot really track a item trough all the flow as custom style on hovering is only for the link between two nodes, but not for all the links for that item

Having a separate attribute in the Sankey trace such as hovercolor, which would be filled like the color attribute for the link attribute is still the best solution …