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Falcon SQL Client Crash (ElasticSearch)

I am trying to connect the Falcon SQL Client to an ElasticSearch NoSQL database. Just to run a test, I used the sample credentials that were provided by Falcon in the connection tab. After connecting with the sample credentials, the Falcon window goes blank. After closing the application and reopening, the connection information is saved from the previous session and a connection is made again with the same result. After uninstalling the application, resetting my computer, and then reinstalling the Falcon client, the connection information is saved from the last session. I don’t know how that is possible but it must be that the connection info is either pulled from the cloud or somewhere local that is not in the directory that gets deleted when Falcon is uninstalled. I reverted back to version 2.8.0 and the behavior was mostly the same except that the screen is not blank. The connection is made and the screen is greyed out. But, the application is unresponsive to clicking on “Edit Credentials” so I cannot edit the connection information.

Essentially, because of this I can not use Falcon, and thus with this issue. It’s fine that there might be a bug with connecting to ElasticSearch as I can use something else (like S3 buckets or Redshift). But the fact that it is irrecoverable makes the app totally useless.

I am running Windows 7 with Falcon SQL Client 3.0.3

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the ElasticSearch connector. I’ll look into it soon.

To reset things, you can delete (after backing up!) a directory in your home directory called .plotly/connector which is where settings are persisted.

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@nicolaskruchten, Thank you! Deleting the .plotly/connector directory did the trick. I will keep this open as the title issue still exists.