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Falcon SQL Client connect ETIMEDOUT

I’m trying to connect a one-table mysql database to plotly using Falcon.

Installation was a bit troublesome in that some of the file names were too long for Windows 10, although they are still maintained in the extracted folders.

When trying to connect, I receive the error message ‘connect ETIMEDOUT’.

This is the same whether I use my username or ‘root’ as a username, obviously using the correct password.

I started setting the Host option as localhost or local. When this didn’t work I set it to my machine hostname, DESKTOP-XXXXXX which results in the error message ER_HOST_NOT_PRIVILEGED: Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Port is set at 3306 as indicated for MySQL in the performance monitor.

I’ve set Database as the file root name for the three data files generated by MySQL. I guess this is correct, or should I specify the full path?

I guess it seems like a admin privileges problem in which case it’s at my end. I don’t suppose anyone has any advice.



I guess it seems like I don’t have privilages but can anyone confirm this.

Since eating lunch, I have found that the host should indeed be ‘local host’. The connection now works :slight_smile:

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