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Facebook login and membership. *urgent*


I sent another email and posted on a relevant thread in the weekend but haven’t heard back.

I can’t log in to my account (forces me to go through Facebook). I have paid for a Pro account, and can’t access the Pro features, which I need for a deadline that I am working on today. My username is “kyriakos”

I am getting automated replies when I send an email to saying email support is for Pro users only. (which according to my bank statement, I am - annual fee charged on 02/18)

I am working on a deadline so this is very pressing, please help ASAP.


Hi there,
I’ve responded to your email. Sorry about the delay, the address you’ve used is not checked regularly. You should have PRO support instructions on your subscriptions page: In the future, for a faster response, please follow the directions on that page.

Thanks Chelsea, resolved.