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Extend existing plot data using Python

Hi – I’m new to plotly so excuse my ignorance. I’m creating an IOT application which requires periodically uploaded data into the plotly Chard-Studio cloud and graphing the results. The device itself does not have the cpu / memory capacity to graph the data on-box and although I am able to upload the data but I can’t get the plot fileopt=‘extend’ option to work. Despite trying different syntax, I am only able to create new Grids and Plots but not add data to an existing ones. The code is written in python. Does anyone have a working code snipped available which I can use as guidance? Is this even possible?

hi Steve, hope you are doing fine.
I have the same type of needs as you and since there is no answer to your question I thought you’d have the answer. basically I am just trying to update an existing html graph.
Any idea?

Hi Cyril - sorry for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, as I did not get a response to my query I had to move away from using plotly to get my IOT project moving, instead decided to use thingspeak. Data can be written / streamed up to their cloud servers and graphs draw either from the web portal or by doing an html jquery (the thingspeak forum has a very good example on how to do this). Thingspeak uses MATLAB in a similar way to plotly.

I will be coming back to plotly again to try and use it for another project which I will be starting soon - but whether I will stick with it is difficult to say. The lack of help with plotly and the out of date documentation does not bode well.

All thye best