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Export png, html and zip not displaying bar graph, just axes

EDIT2: LaTeX seems to be the problem. I’ve redone the plot in rich text and it’s downloading as png, html etc fine. I didn’t try to export before the maintenance a few days ago, so I’m not sure if this is new or not. Would love to be able to export with LaTeX text because it looks nicer, but rich tex will do for now.

Hi team,

I have created a stacked bar graph with XY axes and a title. When I click export:

a) png file does not download. No error, just doesn’t download
b) html gives me the error:

"Whoops! LaTeX is not supported for offline html downloads.

Try to bypass LaTeX checking.
Alternatively, use to include the necessary LaTeX plugins."

When I follow this I get an html file, however only the axes and title are displayed, no bar graph. Same with the zip file.

Using sharelink and exporting as a jpeg also gives the same result.

I am using Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 with old OS 10.6.8. I’ve also tried on Firefox 48.02

EDIT1: Also have the same problem with more recent Chrome on Windows 7.

Could some please help me export my graph?