'evaluate' broken in recent versions of R API

Hi all,

I’ve been using plotly from a Shiny app fairly extensively, and have found that liberal use of ‘evaluate = TRUE’ in the call to plot_ly() makes work much faster.

However in new versions of the R packages (> 2.0.16), use of this argument produces an error:

plot_ly(midwest, x = percollege, color = state, type = "box", evaluate = TRUE)

Error in UseMethod("plotly_build") : 
  no applicable method for 'plotly_build' applied to an object of class "list"

Is this a bug, or a change in package behaviour I need to adapt my code for?

This is interesting. I see there is no longer a plotly_build method for a list. I’ll dig further and report back. Thanks for the report.

Do you have the latest dev version from GitHub? devtools::install_github('ropensci/plotly')

BTW, I’m working on a major update of the R package which removes any need for the evaluate argument. Should be ready within the next week.

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I’ve been sticking with the 2.0.16 version, since more recent releases produce the break I describe. I use this on production systems, so not too keen on using a dev version.

Look forward to testing the new release!