Error setting X axes properties with shared X axes on subplots

I’m using tools.make_subplot to create the chart in the figure below. Notice that they share the X axis.
However, when I try to set gridcolor or gridwidth the first subplot becomes empty. Has anyone faced this problem? Is there a way to fix it?

@RomuloMenezes When you call tools.make_subplot() a fig is created.
Just print fig['data'], and fig['layout'] to inspect their contents.

Any new attribute of axes should be inserted through a dict update:
I suspect that you redefined fig['layout']['xaxis1']=dict(gridcolor='rgb(235,235,235)'). In this case all initial settings are lost.


Thanks @empet
This will allow me to go further with my debugging. Though I suspect I’ll be soon back here reporting my findings but still having the problem :slight_smile: