Error in dash extensions Enrich

Hey @Emil I need your help !!

I use your extension to save data in the server side, it was working as expected until today.

Now all my callbacks that use it are showing errors like this:

Any idea to solve it will be apreciated :grinning:

What version are you on? Could you try updating to 0.0.49? Are you using the MultiplexerTransform? Did you configure your cache to a limited number of elements (I believe this kind of error is what you would see, if you set the count too low)?

Hi @Emil ,

Thanks for your replay, I found that the problem is related with the files in the folder file_system_store, it creates so many and when I deleted them, it works again.

I have the last version but I am not using MultiplexerTransform and do not configure the cache for a limit of elements. I will see those issues.

Thanks again for your help. :grinning: