Error Displaying FigureWidget

i found this somewhere else which is related to the error I get :

but not sure where should I place this changes for the .yarnrc! would you be able to help?

Hi @soha,

I think you’re probably on to something with the need to increase yarn’s timeout. I’m not sure offhand how to change this JupyterLab’s bundled version of yarn. But it looks like this open JupyterLab issue would be a good place to ask


Hi @jmmease

I am getting following error on jupyterlab from f12
Error: Object 'jupyter.widget' not found in registry

Result jupyter labextension list:

@jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager v0.38.1 enabled  ok
        @jupyterlab/plotly-extension v0.18.2 enabled  ok
        bqplot v0.4.5 enabled  ok
        jupyter-matplotlib v0.3.0 enabled  ok
        jupyterlab-chart-editor v1.1.0 enabled  ok
        plotlywidget v0.10.0 enabled  ok

Result pip list:

ipykernel          5.1.0
ipython            7.5.0
ipython-genutils   0.2.0
ipywidgets         7.4.2
jupyter-client     5.2.4
jupyter-core       4.4.0
jupyterlab         0.35.4
jupyterlab-server  0.2.0
plotly             3.9.0

Hi @mtkilic,

I don’t see any issue with the packages/extensions you have installed. Do the built-in ipywidgets display for you? e.g. ipywidgets.IntSlider().


@jmmease I have solve this issue. Now I can display. Thanks

I had the FigureWidget stuff working a while back with the exact package versions from the changelog. I installed plotly_express last week and it updated plotly to 3.9 (previously 3.5 i think), now the FigureWidget isn’t working. I get

Module plotlywidget, semver range ^0.10.0 is not registered as a widget module

in the browser console.

Can pltly_express and FigureWidget not work together in JupyterLab currently, or is there a workaround (maybe the versions in the changelog haven’t been updated for latest version?).

Hi @rabeez,

The current compatible versions of and the plotlywidget jupyterlab extension can be found in the installation instructions in the README at I think you’re right that the changelog versions haven’t been updated recently.


Hi there,

Is the README now up to date ? I cannot make the extension work with jlab 1.0.1?


Hi @Alexboiboi,

JupyterLab 1.0 support is coming soon (in 4.0). If you’d like to try out the development releases, see the instructions in the v4_integration branch README at

Follow the versions there carefully, and note the the @jupyterlab/plotly-extension extension has been replaced by the jupyterlab-plotly extension.


Ok cool, thanks @jmmease

I had the issue twice (on two different machines) where, after following the advice at

and installing the plotlywidget JupyterLab extension, jupyter lab build failed for me.

I was able to fix it in both cases by running:

jlpm cache clean

jupyter lab build

Hope this helps someone else!

(Basically jlpm is an alias for the JupyterLab installed yarn, and then running jlpm will reset that yarn’s stale yarn.lock, which was causing the false inability to build.)

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