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Error 400 Azure SQL Server

I am trying to use my newly purchased subscription but running into issues on Falcon SQL Client, it looks like people have been having similar issues since November, is there any fix or should I look into alternatives to Plot.ly?

ERROR {“status”:400,“content”:{“error”:{“message”:“Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘null’.”}}}

Ultimately I want to integrate Plot.ly or a similar service into our web application so that we can analysze data we are collecting better.

After you get this error, what do you see?

  • does the database preview work?
  • does the query editor show a query? if so, what query does it show?
  • does the chart show any data?


  1. The database preview shows, sysdac_history_internal and sysdac_instances_internal

  2. Editor shows query “SELECT TOP 10 * FROM bandwidth_usage;”

  3. The chart does not show any data.

Here is a picture: https://imgur.com/a/SMhPx

@E2600 Thank you for the screenshot (it’s been really helpful).

The screenshot looks like an older version of Falcon.

Would you be able to test whether the error is still present in Falcon v2.5?

I’ve got to reproduce this error. It happens when the database field in the credentials is left unset.

This bug should be fixed in https://github.com/plotly/falcon-sql-client/pull/371

The update and database field fixed it, thanks again! @n-riesco

Thank so much for reporting back (and the screenshot!)