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Errer generating Inputs in loop, but not by hand

def gen_inputs(input_count):
      my_list = []
      for i in range(input_count):
             my_list.append(Input(id = f'a{i}',  component_property='value'))

return my_list

above doesnt work

def test():
     return [Input(id = f'a0',  component_property='value'),Input(id = f'a1',  component_property='value')]
above does work

edit: formatting

Hi @michaelfboxer welcome to the forum! Can you explain what
“does not work” means here? Did you get an error? On my machine

my_list = []
for i in range(5): 
    my_list.append(id=Input(f'a{i}',  component_property='value'))

throws a TypeError, but

my_list = []
for i in range(5): 
    my_list.append(Input(f'a{i}',  'value'))

works ok. Can you print my_list inside the gen_inputs callback if there is no error?

My bad on the does not work. After generating inputs this way, i can never get them to actually output to any of my div’s.

It is as if the id’s don’t register properly.

def create_inputs(self):
        '''Return the dcc.Inputs of all possible filters.'''
        input_list = []
        l = arbitrary_list          
        for i in range(len(l)):         
            input_list.append(Input(component_id=f'{i}', component_property='value'))     
        return input_list

Here is the output of the list,


[<Input `0.value`>, <Input `1.value`>, <Input `2.value`>, <Input `3.value`>, <Input `4.value`>, <Input `5.value`>, <Input `6.value`>, <Input `7.value`>, <Input `8.value`>, <Input `9.value`>, <Input `10.value`>, <Input `11.value`>, <Input `12.value`>, <Input `13.value`>, <Input `14.value`>, <Input `15.value`>, <Input `16.value`>]

Here is the callback i am using.

@app.callback(Output(component_id='non-hidden', component_property='children'),
def input_keys(*args):
    return [*args]

Did you declare your components in the layout (with the same id) ?

@app.callback(Output(component_id='non-hidden', component_property='children'),
             #[Input(component_id = str(1),  component_property='value'), Input(component_id = str(2), 
             #component_property='value'),Input(component_id = str(3),  component_property='value')])
def input_keys(*args):
    return [*args]

Yes the correct id’s are there.

The commented line does display properly, the rclass.create_inputs() whcih returns that list does not. This is when i got very confused.

[Input(f’a{i}’, ‘value’) for i in range(10)]

ended uo working for me