Emoji on y axis or appended to a bar chart?

Hi I am making a chart to try and display emotions on a horizontal chart. Instead of using text to say ‘anger’ etc I was wondering whether it was possible to use emojis instead on the axis or at the end of the bar. Here is my current code thanks.

    var data = [{
      type: 'bar',
      x: [0.106, 0.452, 0.083, 0.122, 0.05, 0.188],
      y: ['anger', 'disgust', 'fear', 'happiness', 'sadness', 'neutral'],
      orientation: 'h'
    var style = {
      margin: { t: 70 },
      title: 'Simple Horizontal Chart',
      xaxis: {
        autorange: true,
        title: 'Emotion Intensity'
      yaxis: {
         title: 'Emotion [emoji]'
    Plotly.plot( element, data, style);

Not at the moment, unfortunately.