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Embedding Chart 404


Probably a very basic question, so apologies in advance! I’m able to embed other charts to my site, but my own create a 404 error - did I do something wrong in terms of publishing/saving?

Here’s an example link that 404s for me:



No worries; we’re here to help.

It could be due to a few things. Perhaps you saved it as private before you embedded it? Or maybe you reached more than 1,000 Views per Chart/day.

I looked at the link that you shared, and I’m able to view it.

And to confirm, did you follow these steps:

Seems to be working now… not sure what changed though - could it be that it takes a little time to propagate to the server?

I’m stuck now on doing the same with a dashboard, as they have different export options - Wordpress seems able to convert the URL directly with a Plot, but with a Dashboard it is struggling - is there anything different I need to do there?

Hello, to answer your first question, it should work right away. Maybe some of the developers were working on some issues and it got affected, but if it works now, then that’s great.

Unlike a plot, you can’t embed a dashboard, only share it using the shareable link.