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Embed Plotly in wordpress without plugin

I would like to embed a plot_ly plot in a wordpress blog. I understand that there is a plug-in which aims at making this easier. As far as I can tell the plugin only works if you have wordpress installed on your computer, however it doesn’t work if you are only using the online wordpress version. My question - how to embed a plotly plot in wordpress without the wordpress plug-in? Is there a way? I would have thought that this is pretty straightforward, but maybe I am missing something obvious. Many thanks.

PS: I can embed e.g. the iframe/html code into the wordpress blog. But it only results in an non-interactive image of my graph/the link.

My experience is that the interactivity varies from browser to browser. E.g. Internet Explorer does not support interactivity while Google Chrome does.

I am using the plugin and Wordpress in my browser, not with Wordpress downloaded.