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Embed.js not found

I’m embedding my graph using the HTML code generated by the ‘Share’ button on plotly chart studio using the below pattern:

    <a href="https://plotly.com/{URL}/?share_key={key}" target="_blank" title="NotImportant" style="display: block; text-align: center;">
    <img src="https://plotly.com/{URL}/?share_key={key}" alt="NotImportant" style="max-width: 100%;width: 1854px;"  width="1854" onerror="this.onerror=null;this.src='https://plotly.com/404.png';" /></a>
    <script data-plotly="{username}:1" sharekey-plotly="{key}" src="https://plotly.com/embed.js" async></script>

This is resulting in all my graphs showing up as images as the script source (https://plotly.com/embed.js) is not found. Am I missing something or an announcement? The embedding tutorial references the old URL style https://plot.ly/embed.js, which is also not found.


Thanks for letting us know! We’ll update the documentation… the new domain name is chart-studio.plotly.com

I don’t think its a matter of just the documentation - https://chart-studio.plotly.com/embed.js is also not found…

Huh, you’re right! Let us look into this and report back.

OK, we’ve fixed things up so this file is being served again… sorry for the outage and thanks again for letting us know!

Hmmm… still doesn’t work - the graphs are only loading as images. Using the provided HTML code through the share function in the chart studio now results in the following error on the console:

Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘https://plotly.com’) does not match the recipient window’s origin (‘https://chart-studio.plotly.com’).

… so ok, I changed the code to reference https://chart-studio.plotly.com/embed.js, which gets rid of the Console error but doesn’t display the graphs as interactive but only as fixed images.