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Edit plots from multiple computers

I have an on premises MS SQL DB installed on Server 2012.
I have the Falcon SQL client installed on the same server.
The credentials are pointing to the IP address of the server (

I can edit my plots with a valid MS SQL connection only when I use

But if I try and use my laptop on the same subnet & DNS domain, I’m unable to edit plots with a connection to MS SQL. I get this error.

Hm… failed to connect to your connector. Double check that is running by visiting your connector. If your connector version is <1.0.4, please update your application. then try reconnecting.

My understanding is if the Falcon SQL client is running on the local net, I should be able to get my MSSQL data.

I can create new plots if I use the HTTP option, allow unsafe scripts, and point the connection to

EDIT: The above applies to recurring schedule queries.
If I make a recurring MS SQL Query from my laptop using an http connection, I can edit it from other computers. But my understanding is the https connection is meant to be sufficient for your DNS/IP domain?

Oh! I think the problem is that you need to be connected to Plotly on-prem.

We’ve moved the login page under the tab
We haven’t updated the UI yet (still shows the old name Plotly Database Connector).
This should be fixed in the next on-prem upgrade.
For the time being, could you check if the following works?

@ywamships Please, ignore my response above. I thought you were a Plotly On-Prem user.

@ywamships - What happens if you try to visit the unique URL that the connector provides you?

Note that the URL will be something like https://<your-username>-<random-string>.plotly-connector.comwhich will resolve to (we resolve all * urls to The only reason we create this URL for you is to generate a valid SSL certificate so that you don’t have to go through the pain of the HTTP option).

If I ping the unique URL from a separate computer that isn’t running Falcon, it does resolve to

Which the unique URL isn’t useful if I’m trying to use a server to run the Falcon client and use other computers to create graphs.

@ywamships Just to make sure I understand your use case. You’d like to:

  • install Falcon’s desktop app, run and setup the DB connections on server (
  • then, from another computer, you want to login into and import the SQL connector by using its URL
  • this fails because the URL resolves to

Is the above correct?

@chriddyp At the moment, the usage I described above doesn’t work. Shall I open an issue for it on the github repo?


With this as you have described, prevents multiple users from creating graphs from different locations.

Ie, a manager wants to make different graphs from a query, but has to do the “Load unsafe scripts” option and only use http.

Is there an option in the future to run queries from the plotly cloud connecting to a DB?