Dynamic list that routes to a detail page

Hi guys,

This may be a bit of a loaded question but essentially what I’m creating is a dashboard to view data from thousands of modems. I have a modem details page that displays system information and is selected through a dropdown that updates the page through a callback. You select the modem hostname from a dropdown menu and this calls a function that grabs the corresponding system information from an SQL database. I have successfully created this page and looks like this (have to show as a mockup cause I can’t access the dev server):

The page that I’m having trouble with has to do with the operational status and I need to create a dynamic list of modems that have alarms, are offline, or unresponsive. At the moment I can call a function that retrieves a list of modems. Once displayed in a list, if the user clicks I need to route to the modem details page and show the data for that modem.

I need to know the best way to display a table/list of data which has values that update through a callback function on page load. Each value needs to redirect to a details page that displays corresponding data based on the value selected.