Dynamic Controls and dynamic outputs, has anything changed?


I’m currently looking for a framework to create a dynamic graph representing the metrics of different models applied to different datasets. The final product should look roughly like this

So basically you can click on the “+” and it would create another box containing two drop boxes representing the dataset and model, clickable buttons for the epochs, a slider for the threshold and a button that would delete said box. The metrics themselves would be extracted from existing .npy files. Each box would indicate what to add to the single graph in the center of the layout.

I’ve started reading the doc and working on the code yesterday, so far I have a placeholder graph and a button that adds dropdown menus. If you want to see the code let me know, but I’ll avoid putting it here for now since this is more of a concept question and I want to avoid bloating it.

So as you can see I have many dynamic elements in my app, and while looking for doc on how I would create and reuse elements dynamically I found this Dynamic Controls and Dynamic Output Components
To my understanding, this means that every single element should be defined in advance when first loading the page. I don’t think my application could work given this restriction.

Given that that thread was created roughly a year ago, I was wondering if anything had changed since then, or should I look for another framework to do my app?

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This is still a restriction in Dash.

Alright, thank you for your reply

Is there any plugin available for react that can support dynamic callbacks that can be used?

there is not, but if you write your own component you can encapsulate lots of state into a single set of properties (like the dash-table-experiments component)

is it still the case?

what did you take as alternative?

Things have changed :tada: As linked in the reference above Dynamic Controls and Dynamic Output Components, this has changed. We now have “Pattern Matching Callbacks” as of Dash 1.11.0: 📣 Dash v1.11.0 Release - Introducing Pattern-Matching Callbacks - #3

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