Dynamic and Static input options in same callback function

I need to write a call back function which will have a dynamic input component and a static input component. But putting them together is throwing error.

This is what I have done so far -

    [Output("new_list", "children")],
     #Static Input Component
     Input("clear", "n_clicks"),
     #Dynamic Input Component
     Input(str(i), "value") for i in item_list[['item3','item2','item1']].stack().groupby(level=0).agg(' '.join)

If I do not mention the static input component, code works fine. But I need to have the static component as well.

Overall problem that I am trying to work on is - I have dynamic input text boxes, if and when a value is entered in any of these boxes, that value needs to be accounted for and returned as a table. Also, there is a ‘clear’ button. If clicked, all values should be re-set to default pre-defined value.

Thanks for your help in advance.