Dyanmic Dropdown Value Stuck on change

Hello, I am encountering a problem where I have a a dynamic dropdown where values are set based on values in multiple other dropdowns. This dynamic dropdown works – however when I change a trigger dropdown the current value in in the dropdown stays “stuck” even if it is no longer an option. Subsequently when I click the changed dropdown the correct values appear. I am wondering if there is a way to get the value “un-stuck”.
Here I show the available dropdown options:

        if  "Percent Rank" in metric_transforms:
                {'label': 'Metric', 'value': "metric"}, 
                {'label': 'Percent Rank', 'value': "Percent Rank Metric"}, 
                {'label': 'Rate of Change', 'value': "ROC Metric", 'disabled': True}, 
                {'label': 'Bollinger Bands Upper', 'value': "Bol_Upper_Dist", 'disabled': True}, 
                {'label': 'SMA Metric', 'value': "SMA_Dist_Metric", 'disabled': True}, 
                {'label': 'EMA Metric', 'value': "EMA_Dist_Metric", 'disabled': True}]      

Here I am setting the dropdown options:

        Output('what_to_test', 'options'),
        Input('dropdown_options', 'list'),

    def update_what_to_test_options(options):#This allows us to have dynamic options for the what to test dropdown
        return options

And here is a pictures of the error, the first screenshot is the first update, it works, the second shows the error:

This third screenshot shows when you actually click on the dropdown “Percent Rank” is not an option. This is good, but “Rercent Rank” is stuck until that happens.

Thank you for your help all!

This seems like a tough one.