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Dropdown and Pie Chart

Hello everyone! I’m new with coding and stuck with the following task. Can anyone explain me how to perform the correct changing of the pie chart with dropdown component? I need to understand it, so I can use it in future :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

from datetime import datetime as dt
import dash
from dash.dependencies import Input, Output
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import dash_html_components as html
import dash_core_components as dcc
import plotly.graph_objects as go
import plotly.offline as pyo

read the file and replace the comma with dot in decimal

df = pd.read_csv(‘BillsJan.csv’, decimal=’,’)
df2 = pd.read_csv(‘BillsJanFil2.csv’, decimal=’,’)

app = dash.Dash()

Group by days and store the unique values in ‘day’

day = df[‘date’].unique()
day_fil2 = df2[‘date’].unique()

Group by date and get the sum of ‘total’ column for every day

total_for_each_day = df.groupby(‘date’)[‘total’].sum()
total_for_each_day_fil2 = df2.groupby(‘date’)[‘total’].sum()

Create traces for id=line: trace1= Filial 1 and trace2= Filial2

trace1 = go.Scatter(
x = day,
y = total_for_each_day,
name=‘Filial 1’
trace2 = go.Scatter(
x = day_fil2,
y = total_for_each_day_fil2,
name=‘Filial 2’

filials = [‘Filial 1’, ‘Filial 2’]

Create labels and values for id=pie

labels = [‘Cash’, ‘Credit Card’,‘Customer Card’]

paid_cash_sum = df[‘paid_cash’].sum()
paid_card_sum = df[‘paid_card’].sum()
paid_customer_card_sum = df[‘paid_customer_card’].sum()
values = [paid_cash_sum, paid_card_sum, paid_customer_card_sum]

paid_cash_sum_fil2 = df2[‘paid_cash’].sum()
paid_card_sum_fil2 = df2[‘paid_card’].sum()
paid_customer_card_sum_fil2 = df2[‘paid_customer_card’].sum()
values_fil2 = [paid_cash_sum_fil2, paid_card_sum_fil2, paid_customer_card_sum_fil2]

app.layout = html.Div(children=[
html.H1(children= ‘Family Bakery’),
html.Div(children= ‘Try this one first’),

    figure= {
        'data': [trace1, trace2],
            'title':'Total amount per day',
            'showlegend': True,
            #'xaxis': {'title': 'Days', 'titlefont':{
                                        #'family':'Arial, sans-serif',
            'yaxis': {'title': 'Total in CHF'},

    options=[{'label': i, 'value': i} for i in filials],
    value= 'i'
html.Div(children= [
        figure= {
            'data': [go.Pie(labels=labels, values=values)],


For dropdown

dash.dependencies.Output(component_id=‘pie’, component_property=‘figure’),
[dash.dependencies.Input(component_id=‘drop’, component_property=‘value’)]
def update_graph(values_fil2):
id=‘pie2’, # or should it be ‘pie’?
‘data’: [go.Pie(labels=labels, values=values_fil2)],


if name == ‘main’:

Hi @victoriast0408, the output of the callback is the figure property of a dcc.Graph so you should return only a figure object and not a whole div. For example

dash.dependencies.Output(‘pie’, ‘figure’),
[dash.dependencies.Input(drop’, ‘value’)]
def update_graph(values_fil2):
return {
‘data’: [go.Pie(labels=labels, values=values_fil2)],
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Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: