Download raw data


I have the same problem… did you solve it?


I wrote a download component some time ago. Here is a small example,


This is great, thank you so much! I’d managed to get the CSV download working in Chrome but IE was not having it. This appears to solve my issue.

Did you ever solve this?

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Used urlllib.parser.qoute(); however, I also have the same problem!

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Did you try the Download component?

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dash-extensions in the below link helped to solve the problem :slight_smile:

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Yes, got solved! Thanks for sharing!

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I faced the same issue of downloading the HTML component instead of the .CSV file.
In my case the issue was the following: the callback updates the HREF, but at the same time (this is crucial) I was clicking on the download A tag in my dashboard. Unluckily, the download happens before the HREF gets callbacked, so you never download the updated href!! If you click twice, however, you should download the correct CSV.

Notice that in Chris code, the HREF is updated BEFORE clicking on the actual A tag in the dashboard.

Based on this observation, you should be able to make suitable changes! I hope this is clear…!

Hi there, I am pretty new to dash and I have just used the dcc.Checklist and wondering how I can download the completed checklist as a png or at least provide a link to the download of the checklist? Thanks for your help!

Wow, works so perfectly even for over 1000 rows (250KB). Awesome!

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