Download Dash as a PDF

I have a server_layout that I’m using and I would like to be able to download the app.layout as a PDF, one issue is that the layout is connected to visually to a drop-down menu. I can’t find a good way to download the current layout the user sees. Is there a good way to do this?
Please let me know.

Hi @Wooden_Kludge
You might find this solution helpful.

So unfortunately its not seeming to work. I tried changing the program slightly to incorporate the proper id’s as I am using

def server_layout():
    return html.Div(  ...)

app.layout = server_layout

So instead of using


I need to have it download


But somewhere I seem to have messed up.

I don’t believe including multiple ids is possible. You’ll want to wrap the entire thing in a div and give it an id. Then try and save that id.