Does plotly have an analog to bokeh MultiLine glyph?

I’m building some prototype code to see how hard it would be for my team to move some existing code from bokeh to plotly.

I have a number of plots that use the MultiLine glyph to put a large number of lines on the same plot. I can’t find an analog plot type in plotly. Do these have to be done one at a time in a loop?

Do you have any examples you can share? Or perhaps a screenshot of the final outcome you’re after?

Basically, I have line plots with lots of lines. The lines are plotted with different colors and are selectable. The user can then apply tags to the selected lines on a form.

Here’s a mockup of the implementation on Bokeh:

Edit to add: My “real” plots have hundreds of lines, up to maybe a couple thousand worst case, which is where MultiLine in bokeh versus one-line-at-a-time really helps.