Does Plotly <3 almond.js?


We’d like to use almond.js (AMD module loader) in our project. However, when we include it on the page, following error is thrown:

almond.js:414 Uncaught Error: See almond README: incorrect module build, no module name
    at define (almond.js:414)
    at plotly.js:7
    at plotly.js:7

I managed to track it down, and it turns out that almond introduces define() which takes 3 required parameters, while plotly calls define() using just two of them:

if (typeof define==="function" && define.amd ) {

Do you have any idea how to approach to solve this problem? We can load almond.js after Plotly.js, but we’d like to find better solution and use Plotly in conjuction with almond. Is that even possible?