Does Dash set any cookies by default?

Hi all,
I was wondering if Does Dash set any cookies by default?
It seems to me no, but I can’t find any reference either.

Thanks for the info.


Hello @mretier,

Flask does not, however, you can configure cookies to be sent. Or, add flask_login which automatically sends session cookies.

Thank you @jinnyzor

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I don’t use cookies in my app, but if I block completely all cookies (I tried both Firefox and Opera) my app does NOT work, pages (except for very simple ones which just display some text like “under construction”) get stuck in “Updating…”. So I guess some cookie is used.

I would like to go deeper on this subject because I’d like to build a cookieless app in order to avoid altogether GDPR annoyance.

Hello @nopria,

Could you please create a separate topic? Please also post some of your code.

Sure, here it is:

Instead of code I listed some app features that I think could affect cookie behavior.