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Docker reverses html.Table

I’m running an app similar to that of the dash-vanguard example. In this example there are the html.Table(make_dash_table(df)) tables. I created my dataframes using pandas and pass them to this make_dash_table function and then to html.Table. Locally, this runs perfectly and no problems.

But once I Docker the app and run it reverses all of my tables. This is the error. Column 1 becomes column 2 and column 2 becomes column 1. What is strange is even if I manually reverse them and then run the container again it still shows up in this way. Is this a known issue? Or has someone seen this before, or has any intuition as to what is going on? I’m out of ideas.

All of my css and js are pretty much the same as used in the dash-vanguard example. I’ll also note though, I tried dockering the dash-vanguard example and then it ran fine, so I’m very puzzled because the only thing I’m doing differently is I created the dataframes directly in the code whereas dash-vanguard example reads in from .csv files. They are functionally the exact same dataframe though (pandas).

Ok, I think I figured it out. It must be written somewhere in the external css or js that the column names of the tables must be named A, B, C, ... in succession.