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Displaying the csv columns in dash


I am totally new to Dash world. Have a req. where I need to get the columns from csv file and display them.

eg. csv_file

col1 col2 col3 col4 col5 col6
A     AA   AA   AA   AA   AA
B     BB   BB   BB   BB   BB  
C     CC   CC   CC   CC   CC
D     DD  DD   DD  DD   DD

Trying to get a display menu like below:


 B1      B2         B3       B4      B5       B6   (Buttons)
  |        |        |         |      |          |                                                 
  |        |        |         |      |          |      
col1   col2      col3     col4     col5     col6    (Drop down values from csv columns)                               

B = Button
col = dropdown getting the values from respective csv columns

Any help/ hint is highly appreciated.

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