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Displaying Images from local disk from multiple folders using drop downs

Hello, I would like to display images in my local disk based on dropdowns. However, the catch here is, my images will not be in one folder. It can be in multiple folders.

The directory look like this:

— New York
— 20 images in this folder
— Chicago
— 20 images in this folder
— Washington
— 20 images in this folder

The drop down options are:
First : - New York, Chicago, Washington (Regions)
second :- The file-names within each folder based on selection from the first dropdown.

I am relatively new to Dash image embeddings, I would be extremely grateful if I could get a workaround for the task I am facing.

Thanks in advance !!!

By local do you mean “client” or “server”?

It is a client server. I have still not set it up for production, I’m trying it out on my PC.