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Disable Annoying "login" UI for plots

I have about 300 plots that I am sharing with community members. I have a premium account.

Here’s a sample

When community members go to this site, I want them to see the figure. But, instead, they see this:

And, they have to know to hit the X. They aren’t members.

MY WISH: Is that there would be a way to disable this, or at least delay it for 10 seconds. To the UI/UX people, when users see a login, they think it’s a mistake and they email me and say, “did you send the right link”. Worse than emailing me, they don’t see the awesomeness of SOLUTION: Make the modal pop up after 10 seconds. This lets people get to what they really want (the graph) first, and then you can say, “hey, sign up”.

((end rant))