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Differences in UI for Curve Fitting from Online Help Examples

I’m new to and Chart Studio. I discovered it recently and have been investigating using it for an educational application. I will need to use the curve fitting capabilities of Chart Studio. When I discovered the tutorials at

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and was very excited by the capabilities that I saw there. In all three of these examples the uncertainties in the fit parameters are displayed to the user when the fit is completed. However, when I try out the system now it appears that this feature has been removed. I cannot locate the fit parameter uncertainties. In addition, when I tried to fit to a custom function, the system did not show the trial fit function along side the data while changing the initial guesses of the fit parameters like is shown in the video.

While searching the forum I discovered this nearly year old thread that seems to address this issue (Uncertainty in fit parameters). It appears that this functionality was removed sometime last year.

Am I missing something that will allow the fit parameters to be displayed, or are there any plans to add this functionality back into the Chart Studio interface? I hope so, what I saw on the video would be perfect for our use. However, without the fit parameters I will likely have to continue searching for another alternative.


Doug Harper

Looking a little closer I see that the uncertainty (error) data on the fit parameters is available in the JSON data tree. Students could be taught to search this tree for the fit ‘parameters’ and find these data. However it would be nice if it were made available more up front within the UI as it was in the prior version (as seen in the help videos linked above.

Any suggestions for how this could be done?