Deploying to GCP App Engine, dcc.Store having problems because of statelessness?

My app works fine on Pythonanywhere, it was easy to deploy:

So I tried to deploy to GCP app engine following this: Deploy your Dash application with Google Cloud Platform App Engine • Data Science Campus

but nothing works except the api calls to the NCBI database: Needleman Wunsch and NCBI

At the top of the Entrez page, my main concern, you will see debugging output for the pythonanywhere site.

But none of that shows up in the GCP version.

ChatGPT says I need to use Cloud Datastore or Cloud SQL because of the stateless nature of App Engine. Should I be using Compute Engine? What is the best practice for deploying to GCP when I have states I need across requests.

So on my app, the user enters an email to access the NCBI database, then they look up sequences by their accession number. Biopython makes the api calls to NCBI, gets a sequence in the response which I store in dcc.Store. These sequences are then used in my global and local alignment method calls on that page: Needleman Wunsch and NCBI

I know it has not been prettified yet but can someone suggest a blog or tutorial for this deployment case? Or please feel free to advise here.

My code (tried to deploy branch gcp to GCP): GitHub - nyck33/bio_pam_blosum at gcp