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Deploy Dash on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Just wrote the following post on Medium, explaining the steps I took to deploy my app on AWS EB.


Hi Austin,

Thanks for the post. I was able to successfully replicate it.

I am having trouble successfully deploying another dash app I’ve created. It requires a small (<50mb) csv file that I read using pandas, and the app also has a href link to download user filtered data.

How do I determine what the directory is when I upload the app in AWS in order for me to read the file?

Also, how should I set up the app so that each user that uses the app can download a separate file that they customize without affecting the original?

If anyone can chime in to help, that would be great.

Not sure if you’ve gotten past this, but here’s two options.

1 - I load all of my files into pandas from s3 (pandas.read_csv(“s3://…”). Needs the s3fs library.
2 - Build your EB EC2 instance with ssh access. Poking around the wsgi config, my code is deployed to here: /opt/python/current/app.


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