dcc.Store as input to a callback and output from it


I have some partial filled database from where I read data, process it and display it.
The data is time based (ms resolution) so that many records in the database are empty.
The data is read into pandas data frame, from there it is processed and new columns to the pandas are appended.

Lets say Antenna type is defined by 2 columns: ANT_A and ANT B.
ANT_A and ANT_B are inserted to the database in real time based on UDP messages that arrive.
It can be that ANT_A will arrive only once in 7 mins, and ANT_B is updated usually every few seconds.
When I calculate the antenna type, I execute df=df.fillna(method="pad") to fill the missing values based on last one.
As I don’t want to display all the data, but only last 5 mins, I don’t want to query the full database, but only last 5 mins.
Therefore, I’d like to store the dataframe which is contains all the data with the filled one with the missing file.

My dash board is refreshed with new data every 2 seconds.

I’ve understood that there no option to have same input and output from the callback.

How can I overcome it?

Sorry, I don’t understand the explanation, but perhaps you can use State instead Input in the callback. :thinking:

I’ve tried to use the State but it wasn’t useful