DataTable width on different screens

I have this DataTable:

As you can see, the width looks good on my screen. However, some people complain that they have to use the right/left arrows to see the whole table.

At the moment I’m using vw units to define the table width, but the problem still remains. I don’t know if there’s a solution for this or if it depends on each screen resolution.

Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

Hola @krakken

I think the better solution is using dask bootstrap component: Layout - dbc docs

Hi @Eduardo

Are there another options?

if you are using vw units and do not work, perhaps you need to set the width of the table 100%, or showing the table inside a Div and styling that Div. to avoid that problem :thinking:

In my case, swiching to bootstrap component tooks some time, but I avoided to spend a lot of time with this kind of issues.

So if I put the tables inside a Div and set the width of the Div at 100%, it should work?

I can’t say :woozy_face:

You must try, you can see the behaviour just reducing the windows page and seeing the changes.

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