Datatable scrunches up when filter returns nothing when using style_data_conditional

I have a datatable that I allow filtering on. In this datatable I am using style_data_conditional.

style_data_conditional= [{‘if’: {‘column_id’: col}, ‘minWidth’: ‘{}px’.format(50 + round(len(col) * PIXEL_FOR_CHAR) + ICON_WIDTH)}
for col in dataframe.columns]

I am using style_data_conditional to work around the bug in dash where if the header is fixed and the column heading is longer than the data in the column, the column name is truncated.
This works great. The problem I have is if a filter does not find any matches then the table is all scrunched up and I can’t get to or even see the filter to undo it. Is there a way to have some kind of min column width default that will prevent this behavior?