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Database from Quandl not working

I’ve been using Plotly in conjunction with Quandl to visualize some market data. One of the databases has ceased working in Plotly since Sunday evening (Feb 7, 2016). It doesn’t appear to be an issue with the database itself…I can still access it directly through Quandl. But I’m getting an “Uh oh. An error occurred while processing this request.” message from Plotly.

The database code in question is "ZSE/[Stock Symbol]_Q". Example: (for Apple’s stock)

Other Zack’s databases from Quandl appear to function normally, such as:

Any information on when this might be restored would be greatly appreciated.


From my experience this message (“Uh oh. An error occured while processing this request”) is displayed when your code has an unnoticeable error and Plotly cannot serialize your chart.

That would make sense, but I’m not using any code. The link is coming directly from the Quandl site to the Plotly site…no third-party code in between (see links in original message). Since the database in question worked originally but isn’t now, I’m thinking there’s something going on on Plotly’s end, but I’m not sure.

Maybe the accessed data are improperly formatted.