Data table select next row

I have a table with single selectable rows.
When a row is selected extra information is displayed as text about that row.

The table is kind of long (~50 plus entries) and it would be user friendly if one could simply click a button on top of the screen to go to the next row.

I tried to implement that with a dcc.button and failed.

For a dcc button callback to change the value of the row R to R+1, it must first know what R is.
But I cant have the selected row as both an input and an output.

Alternativaly i though about using a third component to store the selected row number, but callbacks as
A -> B -> C -> A
also wont work

is there any way to achieve the desired result that i havent though of yet?


Youโ€™re looking for dash.dependencies.State -

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thank you

didnt know about that