Data Disappears on Box Select

I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if it’s my code, so I’m inclined to ask here before jumping to GitHub.

I’m using vue and vuex to manage my plots (I have 5 of them). One of them is a scatter plot that has side plots. On that plot, when I box select on the scatter plot, the two side plots disappear visibly, but on hover, the side plot points are picked up. In the console, I get an error “cannot read property ‘update’ of null.” And inside the jsfiddle console, you’ll see ‘TypeError: a.scatter2d.update is not a function.’

Here is a jsfiddle that reproduces what happens.

Thank you for taking a look!

– Chiara

Thanks very much for the report.

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Thanks for being so on top of things!

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