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Data control concerns on public plots

Hi, so we’ve been playing with and want to use it to share test data for products that we distribute with the internet. We’re embedding the plots on our webpage.

I have concerns though that a competitor could just click a button to fork one of my plots and take my logo off and share it as their own, or something similar. Is there some way to have a public plot while making it impossible or at least difficult for a competitor to quickly and easily steal our data and/or copy our plot as their own? Right now we’re on the free plan but would be willing to go to a paid plan if it changes anything.

We considered just doing PNG’s of the plots with transparent logo watermark but it would be really cool to let people use the zooming, etc, functionality of the plots.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to post a plot publicly but minimize the ability to steal it? Thanks for any input!