DashTable stopped rendering with a column name not found error


I am busy building a reporting and data management app for a company. The app is based on the \pages dashLab plugin which, is working great.

I am using a dashTable to show a list of filtered users of which one can be selected to be processed further (View, update, delete) The table was working as expected until some point this morning when it just stopped displaying the results and started giving a “Column AAA not found” error in the browser (Chrome) raised by the dash built-in Javascript code. No code was changed on the page.

I followed the data from the filter process straight through to the browser and the callback info provided using the Dev Tools. This confirmed that the data was still being returned correctly to the browser. The columns and dictionary used are still aligned given that the columns are pulled directly out of the Dict.

Opening the same page in a different browser (Firefox) works. The original test browser is Chrome.
After I cleared the cache and other site data from the Chrome browser it started working again.

If somebody can please help explain why it failed and how to prevent it from happening again, it will be greatly appreciated. I am worried that the app users will run into a similar issue at some point, not knowing how to resolve it.

The trace from the Error in the debug tools is as follows:

*Error: column AAA not found*
*at http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/dash_table/async-table.js:2:232122*
*    at http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/dash_table/async-table.js:2:439480*
*    at http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/dash_table/async-table.js:2:439811*
*    at Object.t [as Z] (http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/dash_table/bundle.v5_1_1m1649793923.js:1:22454)*
*    at http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/dash_table/async-table.js:2:231661*
*    at http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/dash_table/async-table.js:2:232335*
*    at s.filterMap (http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/dash_table/async-table.js:2:632)*
*    at new s (http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/dash_table/async-table.js:2:331401)*
*    at constructClassInstance (http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/deps/react-dom@16.v2_3_1m1649793923.14.0.js:13015:20)*
*    at updateClassComponent (http://myip:8050/_dash-component-suites/dash/deps/react-dom@16.v2_3_1m1649793923.14.0.js:17235:7)*

The Callback attributes as given by the Dev Tools include the columns and the data under the output as follows:

outputs {}
  user-table.data []
   0 {}
    * id"AValue"
    * status"None"
    * AAA"some text"
    * Description"text;text;"
    * First name""
    * Last name""
    * Enabled"?"
* ▶
    * name"id"
    * id"id"
    * name"status"
    * id"status"
    * name"AAA"
    * id"AAA"

(There are additional columns that are not shown.)

Is using Dash 2.3.1 with dashLab 1.0.3 and dashTable 5.0.0.

Hi @mswer and welcome to the Dash community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm -that’s odd. Could you make a minimal example that replicates the error?

Hi @AnnMarieW,

Been trying to reproduce the issue but after the corrective steps I initially implemented, I have not been able to reproduce the issue again. At least not yet.