_dash-update-component fails when using url_base_pathname is case sensitive

I am using a custom url_base_pathname as my application is not running at the base of the domain. This works correctly but it appears to be case sensitive. For example if I go to https://myexample.com/customsubfolder/ and I have url_base_pathname set to customsubfolder there are on issues.

However, if instead I visit https://myexample.com/CustomsubFolder/ then the app does not render and I recieve a 500 back from the call to _dash-update-component on load. I have checked and the url being hit is all lower case, the only difference I can see between the calls is the referer in the request header which holds the original case from the url. I assume there is some form of case sensitive matching going on within Dash?

I have been searching and I cannot find a setting anywhere in the documentation to help with this, please does anyone have any ideas?

Hello @edgreaves,

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This is a byproduct of flask templates, I don’t think there is a way to fix without using a reverse proxy to adjust how this functions.