Dash pydantic form

I’ve started a proper documentation website for this package: https://pydf-docs.onrender.com

Heavily bootstrapped from dmc-docs, thanks @snehilvj :saluting_face:

I will be adding more to the docs later on.


Thank you for adding docs to this package @RenaudLN .
I’m at PyCon 2024 in Pennsylvania currently, but when I’m back next week, I’ll upload this to the community component index.

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The docs look great @RenaudLN! I like how you created prop definitions. I’ll take inspiration from this for dmc. I don’t like its current form.


Just also wanted to say that I love this!! Really cool stuff and will definitely check this out further! This might be really cool to add to Vizro as well (I am one of the devs there :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, super cool!!