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Dash not updating source data with interval

Hi guys, hope you can help me out with a problem here, I am trying to call an API every 33 minutes to update the data in my app, here is a problem, obviously it works in the virtual environment every time i run the server but when i pass the interval to the callback function nothing seems to happen,

api_response = requests.get( ‘https://services9.arcgis.com/pJENMVYPQqZZe20v/arcgis/rest/services/province_daily_totals/FeatureServer/0/query?where=1%3D1&outFields=*&outSR=4326&f=json’)
bc = json_normalize(api_response.json()[‘features’])

then i do some data aggregations and end up with a df, none of this is in a function, they are more like global variable, when the interval get to the callback function:

[Output(component_id=‘slider-graph’, component_property=‘figure’), Output(‘second-result’, ‘children’),
Output(‘third’, ‘children’), Output(‘fourth’, ‘children’), Output(‘charts’, ‘style’), Output(“fifth”, ‘children’)],
[Input(component_id=‘input’, component_property=‘value’), Input(‘interval-component’, ‘n_intervals’)]
def update(value, n_intervals):
x = bc[bc[‘attributes.Province’] == value][‘attributes.SummaryDate’]
y = bc[bc[‘attributes.Province’] == value][‘attributes.DailyTotals’]
y2 = bc[bc[‘attributes.Province’] == value][‘attributes.DailyRecovered’]

if value:
   return something
elif value is None or n_interval:
   """so basically if there is no selection do not show up the entire section or charts"""

the problem is i also have a n user interaction dropdown menu, but i would not want to hit the API after they select the dropdown value but only with the interval, is there a way to call the API only in the interval time but the data can be available all the time for the user interaction?