Dash Mantine Components - stop skeleton from inheriting loading state from children callbacks

When I create a skeleton and have a child component, the skeleton takes the loading state from the child components callback and changes it visibility automatically depending on it. I want to be able to stop this if possible because I want it to depend on a callback of my choosing. I tried changing the loading_state hoping I could allow the visibility to depend upon a different components loading state but that had no affect. Below is a dummy example:

        children=[dcc.Graph(id='graph', figure=go.Figure)]

@app.callback(Output('graph', 'figure'), Input('graph', 'relayoutData'))
def update_graph(relayoutData):
        # Do something to update figure
        return go.Figure()

@app.callback(Output('skeleton', 'visible'), Input('btn', 'n_clicks'), State('skeleton', 'visible'))
def update_graph_vis(n, state):
        # Change visibility of skeleton
        return not state

I basically want the button to determine the visibility of the skeleton only. However, because the graph is a child of the skeleton, the skeleton will take the update_graph callback and use that to change the visibility too. So then every time I zoom in on the figure it flickers as the skeleton visibility changes… Can I stop this from happening?

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Any solution to this?