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Dash Interval Page Title Updating

When using Dash interval to update a live page, every time new data is loaded the page title changes to “Updating…” and then back. How can I go about turning this off or making the page title static? It’s annoying to the point I don’t want to build a dashboard using Dash interval unless I can turn it off.


There is an issue for this topic on Github: Actually commenting the section in DocumentTitle.react.js does the trick. But I would rather like to introduce an config parameter for the main dash-object allowing to change the loading title or setting it to None which would omit changing title on loading all together.


import {connect} from 'react-redux';
import {Component} from 'react';
import PropTypes from 'prop-types';

class DocumentTitle extends Component {
    constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
            initialTitle: document.title,

    UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps(props) {
        if (props.pendingCallbacks.length) {
            document.title = 'Updating...';
        } else {
            document.title = this.state.initialTitle;

    shouldComponentUpdate() {
        return false;

    render() {
        return null;

It’s a good idea! We would accept a PR that did this, feel free to make this contribution.

Great, happy to hear you would accept such a feature. I’m on vacation right now but I‘ll look into it in two weeks.

I created a PR for this issue introducing an update_title parameter that can be a String or None. It defaults to “Updating…”. If set to None the document title will not be changed during updates.


The PR addressing this issue has been merged in the dev branch with this commit. It should be available with the next release which I guess will be 1.13.5

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Many thanks to @stlehmann! This is feature is now available in dash==1.14.0 (📣 Dash v1.14.0 Released - Update the Tab's Title, Removing the "Updating..." Messages, Updated DataTable Link Behavior) and is documented in Look for the title= and update_title= . See the “Customizing Dash’s Document or Browser Tab Title”, " Update the Document Title Dynamically based off of the URL or Tab", and “Customizing or Removing Dash’s “Updating…” Message” sections.

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