Dash interface got syuck after the initial updates


I am using the Dash to plot the real time RSSI values. I received the values from serial port and plot them. Simultaneously, after receiving each 30 values, I applied a ML model on them to calculate the proximity. As I am receiving the rssi values, when I am updating the results, my platfrom got stuck and nothing update in my application. I uploaded some part of my code here. Can you please help me to solve this problem?

I am calling the real time values in another function and do the process on those data on that function.

can you copy/paste your sample code that recreates the problem, properly formatted using markup, vice screen capture? This way the code is easier to read and makes it possible for others to run locally to help with potential solutions or feedback?

The code should be standalone and not rely on external resources.

Thank you for your reply. I am working with real time stream of data and it is so hard to send a standalone code. I am in montreal, by any chance would it be possible to meet someone in your office to solve the issue. Otherwise, I should find another way to send a file here.

This is a community forum - Iā€™m not employed by Dash/Plotly

Oh, sure. Thank you for your reply.